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In this section you'll find excerpts from Dr. Kelley's contantly evolving workbook: The ABCs of Natural Health. You'll also find re-prints from a column Dr. Kelley wrote for Perpetua - The Magazine during 1993.

Category Description
Diet Dietary recommendations, allergy testing/alleviation information and additive warnings.
Exercise Information about Kettlebell strength training as well as general fitness and exercise tips.
Water and Oxygen Information about the importance of pure water, water purification, water PH, florine and chlorine warnings, oxygen and ways to increase your oxygen intake (in addition to breathing really fast.)
Immune System Information about the immune system including recommended foods and supplemnts for boosting immume system function.
Stress and Meditation Information about stress in it's various forms and a meditation technique called Mindful Awareness.
Remedies & Prevention Information about relieving and correcting: Hiatal Hernia, Osteoporosis, Psoas problems, Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) and Thyroid problems.
Previously Published Previously published articles about aging, weight loss, exercise, heart disease and cancer.
In House Studies Studies done by Doc Kelley. Sprouting, Men's and Women's hormones, more to come.
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Even your bottom can be naturally healthy
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