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Foods can cause pain, swelling, stiffness (Arthritic Conditions?) and numerous other problems.

Part of the following large list of foods is from the 2002 pamphlet produced by the Arthritis Help Centers of Wharton, NJ entitled “Foods Found to Cause Pain, Swelling, and Stiffness.” Their published research began in 1981 and was completed with a one hundred-person, twenty-year study of more than 1,200 foods. This provided the information needed to identify foods most likely to contribute to pain, swelling, and stiffness, particularly in people with some type of arthritis.

Whether you have an arthritic condition or not, you should always avoid the foods listed in this article as well as food additives, especially MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and Artificial Sweeteners (ANY and ALL kinds). (See the Food Additives Article)

Inflammatory Foods

To shorten the list of foods you should avoid, simply do not eat anything saying “spiced with” or “made with or from”, catsup (ketchup), mustard, paprika, spices, spicy sauce, or spicy flavorings. In addition if you would like to experience less pain, swelling, and stiffness, avoid:

Allspice, Antipasto, Asparagus Soup, Au Jus,

Bacon (Canadian), Balsamic Vinegar, Banana Pepper, Barbecue Flavoring, Barbecue Sauce, Barley Soup, Bearnaise Sauce, Beefaroni, Beef Bouillon, Beef Broth, Beef Goulash, Beef Meat Pies, Beef Salami, Bisque, Blackening, Black Mustard, Blood Sausage, Blue Cheese Dressing, Bologna, Bordelaise Sauce, Borscht, Boston Baked Beans, Bouillabaisse, Bouillon, Bratwurst, Braunschweiger, Bread and Butter Pickles, Broths, Brown Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Buffalo sauces,

Caesar Salad, Cajun Spices, Cajun Powder, Calcutta Pepper, California Dip, Canadian Style Bacon, Calzone, Candy Dill Pickles, Canned Soups, Capsicum, Casabella Pepper, Catsup, Cavatelli, Cayenne, Cayenne Pepper, Chateaubriand, Cheddar Cheese Soup, Chestnut Stuffing, Chewing Tobacco, Chicken-a-la-King, Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken Divan, Chicken Fricassee, Chicken Gumbo, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Salad, Chicken Soup, Chicken Stew, Chicken Tetrazzini, Chickpeas (Pickled), Chili, Chili Con Carne, Chili Paste, Chili Pepper, Chili Powder, Chili Sauce, Chipped Beef, Chow Chow (is this for humans?), Chowder (Clam), Chowder (Corn), Chowder (Seafood), Chow Mien, Cigar Smoke, Cigarette Smoke, Clam Chowder, Clams Casino, Clam Dip, Cocktail Sauce, Colas, Cold Cuts, Coleslaw, Cordon Bleu, Corned Beef, Corn Chowder, Corn Dog, Corn Relish, Cotto Salami, Country-Style Chicken, Country-Style Sausage, Crab Cakes, Creole, Creole Seasonings, Cumin, Curried Foods, Curry, Curry Powder,

Deep Dish Pizza, Deviled Eggs, Deviled Foods, Deviled Ham, Dijon Mustard, Dijon Sauces, Dill Pickles, Dips, Dippings, Dressing, Dried Sauces, Dried Soups, Dry Mustard,

Eggplant, Eggplant Parmigiana, Egg Rolls, Eggs Benedict, Enchilada, Escargot,

Fajita, Fish Chowder, Five Spice Powder, Flavorings from Spices, Fluffer-Nutter (don’t ask me, I haven’t a clue), Frankfurter, Franks and Beans, French Dressing, French Fried Onion Rings, French Onion Soup, Fresh Packed Pickles, Fresno Pepper, Fricassee,

Gefilte Fish, Genoa Ham, Genoa Salami, German Mustard, German Sausage, Giblets, Giblet Gravy, Golden Hot Pepper, Goulash, Gravy, Green Chili Pepper, Ground Red Pepper,

Hard Salami, Harvard Beets, Hash, Hero Dressing, Hero Sandwich, Hoagie Dressing, Hollandaise Sauce, Hot Dog, Hot Potato Salad, Hot Sausage, Hot Pepper, Hot Pepper Sauce, Hunan Spices, Hungarian Paprika,

Instant Sauces, Instant Soups, Irish Stew, Italian Sausage, Italian Seasonings, Italian Spices,

Jalapeno Pepper, Jamaica Pepper, Japanese Pepper, Jerky, Juice (Vegetable),

Kabobs, Kidney Beans, Kielbasa, Kippers, Knockwurst,

Lasagna, Lebanon Bologna, Liver Sausage, Liverwurst, Lobster Newburg, Lobster Roll, Lobster Thermidor, Luncheon Meats,

Mace, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Manicotti, Marinades, Marinara Sauce, Meatloaf, Mexican-Style Foods, Minestrone Soup, Mulligan Stew, Mushroom Gravy, Mushroom Soup, Mushrooms (Stuffed),

Natural Flavorings from Spices, Navy Bean Soup, New England Clam Chowder, Newburg,

Oleoresin Paprika, Onion Soup, Organ Meats, Oyster Stew,

Pan Pizza, Paprika, Paprika (Oleoresin), Party Dips, Party Mix, Pastrami, Pate, Peanut Butter (Processed), Peanut Butter Flavoring, Peanut Butter Candy, Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Cereals, Peanut Soup, Pepper (Cayenne), Pepper (Chili), Pepper (Red Hot), Pepper (White), Pepperoni, Pepper Steak, Pesto, Pickles, Pickled Beets, Pickled Foods, Pickling Spices, Pilaf, Pilaf Spices, Pimento (Hot), Pizza (Red), Pizza Spices, Pockets, Polish Sausage, Pork Roll, Potato Soup, Potato Leek Soup, Potato Salad, Potato Skin, Potpies, Poultry Seasoning, Prepared Mustards, Prosciutto Ham,

Ranch Dressing, Ravioli, Red Hot Flavorings, Red Pepper, Red Sauce, Red Vinegars, Refried Beans, Relishes, Rice Vinegar, Roasted Peppers, Root Beer, Roquefort Cheese Dressing, Russian Dressing,

Salami, Salad Dressings, Salisbury Steak, Salsa, Salsa Dips, Salt Substitute Seasonings, Sauerbraten, Sausage, Scampi, Scrapple, Seafood Seasonings, Seasonings, Shells (Stuffed), Shepherds Pie, Shish Kebob, Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Creole, Shrimp Salad, Sloppy Joe, Smoked Sausage, Soups, Southern Fried Chicken, Southern Pea, Spanish Omelet, Spanish Rice, Spices, Split Pea Soup, Stews, Stewed Tomatoes, Stocks, Stroganoff, Stuffed Shells, Stuffing, Submarine Dressing, Submarine Sandwich, Sukiyaki, Summer Sausage, Swedish Meatballs, Sweet and Sour Sauce, Sweetbread, Sweet Pickles, Swiss Steak, Szechwan Spices,

Tabasco, Taco Chips, Tamale, Tartar Sauce, Tea (Spiced), Teriyaki, Tetrazzini, Texas Fries, Tex-Mex Spices, Thai Spices, Thousand Island Dressing, Tomatillo, Tobacco (Smoked), Tobacco (Chewed), Tomato Concentrates, Tomato Juice, Tomato Soup, Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Tomato (Stewed), Tuna Salad, Tuna with Vegetable Broth, Turkey (Dark),

Veal Parmesan, Vegetable Beef Soup, Vegetable Drinks, Vegetable Juice, Vichyssoise, Vienna Sausage, Vietnamese Spices, Vinaigrette, Vinaigrette Dressing, Vinaigrette Salads, Vinegar (Red), Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3,

Western Omelet, White Pepper, Wiener, Wine Vinegar, Worcestershire Sauce,

Yellow Mustard,

Ziti, Zucchini with Red Sauce


As you can see, most of the approximately 350 foods or food additives to-be-avoided, whether in the list of MSG foods, the Artificial Sweetener list, or the list from the Arthritis Help Centers, are restaurant entrees or pre-packaged, store-bought foods. Natural health care doctors have always cautioned such commercial, mass-produced foods are linked to a multitude of health problems. Now, there is research to support warnings about eating these foods.

The first thing most people say after reading this is, “Well there goes almost everything I eat.” Or, “What is left for me to eat?” Or, “These are the only things my children will eat.” All are common and typical responses to this information. Most of us need to make some major changes in our food choices. It's not always comfortable or easy. It truly becomes a change of life style. However, if you suffer from pain, swelling, stiffness, or any of the other symptoms noted, or if you would just like to prevent them happening to you, or your children, you might wish to begin avoiding as many of the above foods and additives as you possibly can.

Remember, the Arthritis Help Centers studied more than 1,200 foods. This is certainly not a complete list. You still have more than 3 times as many “good” foods to choose as foods “to be avoided.” An excellent saying (Dr. Mark Stern) for you to remember whenever you shop for food, or eat somewhere other than home, is, "If it was not part of the normal diet 200 years ago, do not buy it or eat it." This eliminates all fast foods and pre-packaged foods. It is, ultimately, all about the quality of your life. And, as always, it is your choice.

Even your bottom can be naturally healthy
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