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Works: Grip; Core (Midsection); Conditioning

Step 1. Quickly Pass the Kettlebell from Hand to Hand around Your Body (Both Directions)
Step 2. Keep Your Back Straight; Stay Fast and Loose until Other Hand Grabs Kettlebell
Step 3. Pressurize Abdomen and Send Energy into Fist Then Instantly Go Loose Again

Notes: Head Up, Back Straight, Sit Back, Power Breathe, Hips First, Tame the Arc, Stay Loose with Straight Arms at the Top, Hips and Knees Fully Extended at Top

  • Cornerstone of Effective Conditioning
  • Powerful Lower Body Strength Builder
  • Maximizes Endurance of Back and Waist
  • Teaches Hip Thrust, Compressed Breathing, 'Rooting,' Wedging, and Sum of Efforts and Skills for Kettlebell Drills

Two Arm Swing

  • Step 1: Stand a foot or so behind kettlebell. Sit back and hook the handle with the fingers of both hands. Keep weight on heels.
  • Step 2: Hike pass the kettlebell. Inhale through your nose when kettlebell almost all the way through.
  • Step 3: Drive hips forward and start your swing.
  • Step 4: Exhale sharply at the apex.
  • Step 5: Park the kettlebell following a backswing by letting it passively swing slightly forward and set it down between your feet.

One Arm Swing

Same as above, holding the bell with only one arm. Shoulders should be as square as possible.

Hand to Hand Swing

Same as One Arm Swing except you release the kettlebell on top of the swing and pluck it out of the air with the other hand.

Double Swing

Same as Two Arm Swing, but with a Kettlebell in each hand.


  • Step 1. Grip: Forearm and Fist 1 Solid Piece; Handle on Heel of Palm; Bell outside Forearm; Handle Hooked with Fingers.
  • Step 2. Rack: Weight on Chest Close to Centerline (Women Keep Bells Further Out); Shoulders Down in Sockets; Shoulder Blades Spread; Elbows Tight Against Body Protecting Liver and Spleen (Women Keep Bells Further Out) and Low As Possible; Hips Slightly Forward; Weight of Kettlebell Rests on Rib Cage, Stomach, and Hips; Glutes and Abs Stay Tight; Kettlebell Rests in Outside Triangle of Forearm and Elbow; Breathe.
  • Step 3. Drop: Arm Stays Totally Loose (Like a Whip), Relaxed, and Completely Straight at the Bottom; Hips Absorb Shock; Keep Kettlebell as Close as Possible; Elbow Moves Toward Centerline; Throw Kettlebell Behind/Between Legs Like a Hike Pass with a Tight Arc; Fist Turns until Thumb Points Down at Very Bottom; Weight on Heels; Look Straight Ahead.
  • Step 4. Clean: Move Fast with a Fraction of Total Strength; Snap Hips and Let Kettlebell Come Up, Retracing Drop; Spear Hand through Handle as Kettlebell Rolls around Forearm; As Kettlebell Passes Waist, Uppercut Hand around Bell; Make a Fist at Top; Tense Glutes and Abs as for a Punch.

Double Clean

Same as above but with a Kettlebell in each hand.

Military Press
Notes: Press with Knees Locked; Whole Body Tight; Shoulders Locked Down in Sockets; Elbows Locked; Pause at Top

  • Step 1. Loaded Clean: Pass Kinetic Energy Straight Down into Feet Tensing Every Muscle with Whole Body Compressing Like a Spring; Pause; Stored Energy Rebounds Explosively from Feet/Ground.
  • Step 2. Push away from Kettlebell: (Practice in Doorway with Two and One Hand Overhead)
  • Shoulders Pulled Down and Locked in Sockets; Elbow Low as Can Go and Pulled into Belly Button; Tight Lats; Grip Ground with Toes; Tense Quads; Pull Up Kneecaps; Cramp Glutes; Brace Abs for Punch; Breathe Shallowly ('Behind the Shield'); Crush Handle.
  • Step 3. The Groove: Turn Palm from In to Forward as Press Kettlebell Out and Up; Keep Forearm Vertical at All Times; Press/Push Outward in an Arc with Elbow/Forearm away from Body; Squeeze/Crush Handle as Push Self away; Hip Kicks over/under Kettlebell.
  • Step 4. Use Breath to Maintain Tension: Take a Normal Breath before Clean; Hold Breath (Keep Abs Tight) OR Breathe Shallow ('Behind the Shield') as Press in Arc Rather Than Straight Up.
  • Step 5. Lower Kettlebell: Lower under Control Pulling Elbow Down and Back across Body Using Lats and Obliques as in a Downward Elbow Strike.

Double Military Press

Same as above but with a Kettlebell in each hand.


  • Step 1. Lockout: Hips Power Snatch; Arm Guides Kettlebell Home; Hips Drive Forward until Kettlebell Reaches Chest Level; Upper Back Muscles Yank Shoulder Back; Kettlebell becomes Weightless; Very Fast Jab/Punch up with Fist; Lean into Kettlebell.
  • Step 2. Tame the Arc: High Pull is Followed by Snappy Punch Up at Head Level; Spear Hand through Handle Spinning Hand around Kettlebell.
  • Step 3. Suck/Draw/Pull Shoulder Down Into Socket and Lock Elbow the Instant before Lockout; Visualize 'Power Source in Locked Elbow' Sending Energy up Your Forearm through the Kettlebell and Down into Your Shoulder Socket While Your Arm is Growing Longer Up Toward the Kettlebell and Pressing Down Hard into Your Shoulder Socket; Once Arm is Locked in Shoulder Socket Relax Arm and Open Fingers.
  • Step 4. The Drop: Hinge at the Hips First and Hike Pass with a Straight, Loose Arm; Free Arm Swings Back in Sync and Up into 'Guard' on Way Up.

Double Snatch

Same as Snatch, but with a Kettlebell in each hand.

Turkish Getup
Notes: Excellent for Shoulder Stability, Flexibility, and Resilience; Teaches Linkage and Moving Seamlessly; Keep Your Eyes on the Kettlebell throughout the Exercise; Wrist Stays Tight, Elbow Locked, Arm Vertical, Shoulder in Socket

  • Step 1: Lying on your back with the kettlebell just to the right of your right shoulder. Roll to your right; curl grip the handle with your right hand; then overlap your fingers with a thumbless grip of your left hand. Pull the kettlebell in close and roll left to your back with the kettlebell resting on your right shoulder/chest. Press the kettlebell overhead. Release your left hand. Pull your right shoulder down, back, and toward your right foot to 'lock it in the socket.'
  • Step 2: Keep your right elbow straight and your right shoulder locked in its socket. Visualize a power source in your locked elbow sending energy up your forearm and down into your shoulder. Simultaneously your right arm is growing longer toward the kettlebell and pressing harder into your right shoulder socket. Keep this image throughout your Get-Up and Get-Down.
  • Step 3: Bend your right knee and plant your right foot. Roll to your left elbow and hand. Pivot on your left elbow as you sit up. Keep your right arm straight and vertical with your right shoulder locked in its socket. Breathe shallowly as you keep your abs tight. Push up on your right foot and left hand. Bring your left foot and leg back behind your right foot so you are in a right-foot-forward lunge position.
  • Step 4: Stand smoothly and seamlessly keeping your right arm straight and vertical with your right shoulder locked in its socket.
  • Step 5: Return to the starting position while pushing away from the kettlebell on the way down.

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