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A Pre- and Post-Questionnaire and Pre- and Post-Blood study of N-fuzed Testosterone, a natural herbal product, and it's effects on symptoms of low testosterone and low blood levels of testosterone. These are the preliminary results of an ongoing study.


Testosterone Molecule ImageWithin the last ten years, testosterone prescriptions have tripled. Testosterone is an androgenic sex hormone primarily responsible for male sexuality and reproduction. It is also involved in maintaining muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell levels and feelings of vigor and well-being. Around age thirty, testosterone levels begin to fall. Some symptoms of low testosterone levels might include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, difficulties with concentration and memory, weight gain and problems urinating.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, MD, the author of Testosterone for Life, says men with low testosterone are at greater risk for prostate cancer and other health problems such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

Since it is still unknown whether prescriptive hormone replacement therapy is entirely safe and, since excess levels of hormones may be as bad as, or worse than, deficiencies, blood levels must be tested and monitored when using these medications. Even blood levels of precursor hormones, such as DHEA, require regular testing to avoid excesses.

To avoid deficiencies or excesses, an alternative to synthetic or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, N-fuzed Testosterone, is designed to provide a framework of herbal nutrients and cofactors to naturally assist the body in rebuilding and maintaining healthy testosterone levels.


N-fuzed Testosterone, an all-natural combination of herbal extracts of Eurycoma longifolia, Maca lepidium and Ptychopetalum olacoides, potentiated with a proprietary process to infuse their electromagnetic properties into the crystalline structure of water, will lessen symptoms of low testosterone and will increase blood levels of total testosterone.


  1. Three Instruction Sheets for completing the Pre- and Post-Questionnaire and the Pre- and Post-Blood Studies (Copies Available upon Request).
  2. Six Male Pre- and Post-Questionnaires (Copy Available upon Request).
  3. Six bottles of N-fuzed Testosterone containing herbal extracts of Eurycoma longifolia, Maca lepidium and Ptychopetalum olacoides.
  4. Six home blood spot test kits from ZRT Labs, Beaverton, Oregon.
  5. Three male volunteers within ages susceptible to low testosterone.


  1. Each participant collected and submitted a blood sample to ZRT Labs for testing blood levels of Total Testosterone.
  2. Each participant completed the Pre-Questionnaire (Identical to the Post-Questionnaire). The questions were compiled within the following categories: Fatigue, General, Hair, Hormonal, Mental/Emotional, Muscles, Pain, Skin, Sleep, Temperature, Urination, Weight Gain and Other. Each question within each category required circling a number from zero to ten. Zero was selected if there was never a problem with this particular sign or symptom. Ten was selected if the sign or symptom was constant and at its worst. The numbers two to nine were selected for each sign or symptom to indicate increasingly significant, problematic gradients between one and nine.
  3. Each participant was instructed to consume one teaspoon of N-fuzed Testosterone mid-morning, one teaspoon mid-afternoon and one teaspoon before bed each day. Note: Because of difficulties in compliance, this was modified, when necessary, to one tablespoon daily prior to bed or upon arising or mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
  4. After completely finishing two bottles of N-fuzed Testosterone, each participant completed the Post-Questionnaire (Identical to the Pre-Questionnaire).
  5. Also, upon completion of two bottles of N-fuzed Testosterone, each participant collected and submitted a blood sample to ZRT Labs for evaluation of Total Testosterone.


All Pre- and Post-Questionnaire responses were recorded and tabulated in spread sheets (Copies with Explanations of Abbreviations Available upon Request).

On each individual's spread sheet, the numerical responses to the questions in each category were totaled. A percentage was calculated between the responses provided to each question in each category and a maximum of ten for each question in each category. For example, participant J. S.'s total responses in the Muscles category were thirteen. The total possible for the five questions in this category is fifty. The calculation of his Muscles category percent was thirteen divided by fifty times one hundred or 26%.

In comparing the Pre- to Post-Questionnaires, if the total of the responses to the Post questions were numerically less than the total of the responses to the Pre questions, these lesser Post percentages were interpreted as positive, signifying improvement, with a decrease in severity and intensity, for each category where they occur. If the Post percentages were more than the Pre percentages, a negative percent change resulted and was interpreted as a worsening of signs and symptoms for each category where they occur. All positive and negative changes were totaled for each participant to provide their results for Total Category Changes.

The Pre to Post % Change was calculated by subtracting the Post % Change from the Pre % Change, dividing the result by the Pre % Change and multiplying by 100. The Blood Study results are self-explanatory.

Pre- and Post-Questionnaires Testosterone Blood Studies (Normal: 400 – 1200)
SubjectCategory ChangePre to Post % IncreasePre- to Post-Blood Levels and % Increase
J. K.124%91%246 -> 316 = 28%
J. S.84%63%197 -> 814 = 313%
P. B.231%48%186 -> 419 = 125%


Between the Pre- and Post-Questionnaires, the average Total Category improvement for the three participants is +146%. The average Pre to Post Percent Change is +67%. The average increase in blood levels of Total Testosterone is +155%.

The results of this study confirm the Hyposthesis: N-fuzed Testosterone, with herbal extracts of Eurycoma longifolia, Maca lepidium and Ptychopetalum olacoides will lessen symptoms of low testosterone and will increase blood levels of Total Testosterone.

Considering the safe use of the herbs in this formula by millions of people in many different countries for hundreds of years, this formula seems to provide a safe and effective natural alternative for relieving the signs and symptoms of low testosterone and improving blood levels of testosterone.

Note: All participants in this study requested notification when this product would be available for purchase.

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