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Doc Kelley's Compendium
Perpetua Magazine
March, 1993
If you would like to know more about:
  • Preventive health care
  • Specific health problems
  • Vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs
  • Alternative medical approaches
  • Athletic injuries
  • Exercise
  • Sports training and improvement
  • As well as almost any other health related question

This is where to look each month. Issues, topics and questions of interest to you shall be addressed. Current news and documented facts shall be included with each column.

Fascinating Facts:

  1. According to Ralph Moss, author of Cancer Therapy", over 62 percent of the American public has tried alternative therapies and over 90 percent of those individuals said they benefited from them. He went on to say that people want and need inexpensive, non-toxic alternatives.
  2. Stretching for flexibility may not be the smartest choice. Robert Gajda, author of Total Body Training, says flexibility without the strength to control it will lead to injury. Strengthening of the muscles around a joint naturally increases flexibility, so improvement in flexibility is a natural outcome of proper training and strengthening.
  3. At a symposium attended by over 300 medical professionals in Tulsa, Oklahoma last November, one of the many key conclusions reached was that the established recommended daily allowances (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals are an "old concept" that make no sense for individuals wishing to achieve optimal health.

    Obviously, the direction and content of Doc Kelley's Compendium will be guided by your participation and input. Please send a note with your questions or topics of interest.

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