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April 2001
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Vol 2, No. 3 THNP News April, 2001
Part 1 of More
     The following information took control of my computer keyboard and overflowed this issue. The conclusion will occur, just not sure when yet.
     If you have been to our classes or seminars or consulted Dr. Kelley about nutrition, you have heard the following words before. Without enzymes there would be no life. Everything we do, every function of our bodies, every thought we have, everything that has anything to do with being alive requires enzymes.
     If you wish to experience the effects of full enzyme potential at work, spend a typical day with a healthy, happy child and do everything she or he does all day. If you survive, you will notice that the child possesses almost limitless energy, an ability to digest any and everything, and a complete fascination and joy with all aspects of life.
     Why can you not feel and be that way all the time? Physically, you can if you still have the same enzyme potential as that child. Enzyme potential is the magic ingredient people always dream about when they watch children and wish they were able to "bottle that energy and sell it."
     For many reasons your enzyme potential, especially your digestive enzyme potential, diminishes as you "ripen." Most of us find that we have digestive problems now that we did not have as a child. Obviously, if you inadequately and improperly digest your food, it cannot be efficiently absorbed and delivered to your cells. The result of this basic lack of proper nutrition, no matter how well you eat, is dis-ease.
Enzyme Deficiency
     Enzyme deficiencies occur for many reasons. One of the most obvious is eating the same foods or types of foods day after day. The average person chooses from about the same fifteen to eighteen foods each and every week. We are all creatures of habit and convenience. Test yourself. Keep a list of all the different types of foods you eat in a week and see how much variety you have. It is quite interesting. Hints: Potatoes cooked ten different ways are not ten different foods; that's one. Beef, as steak, hamburger, or chili, is also one.
     How does repetitively consuming the same foods reduce enzyme potential? Different enzymes are required to digest different foods. Protease is the enzyme for digesting protein, lipase breaks down fats, amylase for sugars, carbohydrase for carbohydrates, and cellulase, which is not produced in your body, is required for fiber. If your diet is always the same, you will eventually over-stress your body's ability to produce the types of enzymes required to properly digest those foods.
Live Foods
     Every living thing contains enzymes; not only the enzymes to ensure that life continues, but also all the enzymes necessary to completely break it down once it is no longer living. That is why things grow, ripen, die, and decompose back into their basic constituents. When one living thing, plant or animal, eats another, all the enzymes in the donor are available to help in its complete digestion within the borrower.
     This basic fact explains another of the primary reasons for enzyme deficiencies as well as a way to minimize or decrease the speed
of loss of your own enzymes. When you eat raw food, the enzymes within that food help you digest it so your body needs to use much less of its own enzymes for complete digestion. Raw foods help you conserve and maintain your own enzyme potential. In other words, you can "bottle that energy."
     Cooked foods, anything heated over about 115 degrees Fahrenheit, begin to lose their naturally occurring enzymes within minutes. The longer it is cooked and the higher the temperatures used, the more enzymes that are destroyed. This became the basis for most of our modern food handling practices. Cook it, can it, irradiate it, package it and you can keep it on a shelf without having to worry about losing money due to food spoilage before someone can buy it.
     Historically, there appears be an interesting correlation between the beginning of modern food preservation techniques and the start of the plethora of chronic degenerative conditions that continue to increase in our society with no standard medical solution other than "band-aid" remedies.
     As soon as you begin eating and tasting things, messages are sent to your brain. It automatically evaluates what is in your mouth and sends directives to your digestive organs telling them what and how much is coming, and the types and amounts of enzymes needed to properly complete digestion. The more raw foods you put in your mouth the less of its own enzymes your body will be asked to produce.
     When you eat raw foods that have all their naturally occurring enzymes, those enzymes, along with the
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