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January/February 2001
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Vol 2, No. 1 THNP News Jan/Feb., 2001
Happy 2001
What a beautiful year we had in 2000, and it seems to be continuing. Hopefully, you are still diligently pursuing your New Year's resolutions and they are all working well for you.
What's New?
     It is time for our annual questions of: where are we, what are we doing, and why? We have always believed simpler is best. When anything becomes too complicated or expensive, it needs to be reevaluated.
     A very frequent question we hear is, "What can a nutritional program do for me? I already take vitamins and have a good diet." The answer is, "It can assist with just about any problem not requiring immediate surgical intervention."
     Your chiropractic treatments help with almost any bone, joint, muscle, tendon, or ligament discomfort anywhere in your body. Your nutritional program also helps with this and just about everything else.
     Once we identify the potential causes for whatever problems you may be having, we can then suggest specific diets, supplements, and other life
style modifications. As always, the final decisions, on how much and what you do are yours.
     Doc Kelley wrote the following explanation for all our nutritional patients. It's so important for every aspect of our lives it is worth repeating here.
It's Your Life
     Since you are capable of reading and understanding these words, your current health status is the direct result of all your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Each and every miniscule choice you have made, or not made, has led you inexorably to who, what, where, and how you are right now.
     Only you will be able to make the selections allowing you to move on from here. In what direction, to where, and in what mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical condition, is totally up to you. To successfully improve your life and health, you need to begin incorporating the following:
  • become your own teacher;
  • take responsibility for all aspects of your life;
  • be your own ultimate guide and sole authority on everything that has anything to do with you;
  • stop looking for, making, or accepting excuses;
  • ignore everyone else's judgments and recommendations about you or your life;
  • decide for yourself, and do, what makes the most sense and "feels right" for you.
     You will always be able to find others who are more than willing to assume responsibility for any or all of the above for you. Their efforts may even provide you with some temporary changes and relief. Only you, however, are able to create and make the alterations that can permanently improve your life.
More Simplifying
     Something else worth sharing with everyone is the following one-week cleansing diet. Some of the things we can all improve are our food choices. The following modified fast helps identify hidden food allergies.      If one of your new year's resolutions is to lose weight or just to feel better, you may want to give this a try. After the first couple of days most people report more energy and less aches and pains.      If you like the way you feel and wish to pursue this basic diet beyond one week, let us know. We have an instruction sheet to teach you how to check your own pulse so you know which foods you can reintroduce with no problems.
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