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January/February 2004
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Vol 5, No. 1 THNP News Jan./Feb., 2004
Microwave Ovens
    Because so many of you continue to ask about microwave ovens, I am going to review what has been said in previous newsletters. If you have a microwave oven, unplug it. Even a microwave oven that is not on still gives off harmful microwave radiation. Use your unplugged microwave oven for storage space or, better yet, get rid of it entirely.
    Microwave ovens change the molecular structure of whatever is heated within them. The heat destroys any naturally occurring enzymes so your body has to work harder to digest your food. The microwaves alter your foods and liquids so your body cannot recognize what crosses into your blood stream.
If your immune system does not recognize what is in your blood, it will “tag” it. These tagged items become allergens. With this occurring regularly, your immune system overworks and becomes weakened.
The effects of microwaved food by-products are long term. It may take years for the buildup of damage to become noticeable dis-eases. By then very few people think to connect their symptoms with years of using a microwave oven.
Some of the problems associated with consuming foods and/or liquids heated in microwave ovens include stomach, intestinal, and colon cancers; immune system deficiencies; shut down and/or alteration of male and female hormone production; vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies; brain and mental problems such as loss of memory, poor concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease in intelligence.
    After you have unplugged and/or disposed of your microwave oven, how will you prepare your food?
    Enzymes are the workers of your body. Nothing, no nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or even hormones, can do work without enzymes. Every breath you take; every move you make; every thought you think; and every one of your actions requires enzymes.
    Enzymes are found naturally in all raw foods. Everything, whether plant or animal, contains all the enzymes necessary to keep it alive and to completely break it down once it is dead. Those enzymes are available to help your body digest anything raw that you eat.
    When you cook food above about 115 degrees Fahrenheit, naturally occurring enzymes begin to be destroyed. Cooked long enough, all the enzymes in those foods become useless.
If your foods no longer contain enzymes, your body has to produce all the enzymes necessary to digest your food so you can absorb nutrients. This constant demand for more and more enzymes for digestion actually depletes your immune system.
Digestive Leucocytosis
Dr. Paul Kouchakoff, the discoverer of Digestive Leucocytosis, stated, “When the number of white blood cells increase and the percentage between them is disturbed, this is an indication of a pathological process. This is seen during infectious illnesses and after eating any type of food that is not consumed in its raw, natural form.”
    Dr. Kouchakoff demonstrated that white blood cells gather in your blood in extremely large quantities around your stomach and intestines after eating foods that contain none of their naturally occurring enzymes, i.e. overly processed or overly cooked foods. It is not the quantity, but the quality of food that has its affect. The reaction in your blood (digestive Leucocytosis) takes place at the moment food enters your stomach.
This is an immune response by your body. White blood cells are one of your immune system’s first lines of defense. Continually demanding help from your immune system meal after meal, day after day, year after year, depletes your body’s immune function. This could very well be one of the most significant of the primary causes of chronic degenerative diseases that result in the majority of deaths in this country every year.
Raw vs. Cooked
    Every raw food has its own “critical temperature” that must not be surpassed in heating. Critical temperatures are the highest temperature to which something may be heated for one half hour and then eaten without affecting your blood negatively or causing an immune response.
Some examples of how different types of food preparation affect your immune system include:
  • Raw or Frozen Foods: No change
  • Commonly Cooked Foods: Mild immune system stress
  • Pressure Cooked Foods: Moderate immune system stress
  • Manufactured Foods: (carbonated beverages, alcohol, white sugar and flour, white vinegar, etc.) Severe immune system response
  • Microwaved Foods and Canned Meats: (baby foods, army rations) Violent immune system response
Balancing Raw and Cooked
If a cooked food is eaten along with the same food raw, there is no reaction. Such a counter-balancing is also possible
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