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July/August 2001 (Page Two)
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healthier you will become and stay for longer.      Clicking on the above title takes you to a more complete article on our web site. Sprouts have been the ultimate choice for the simplest, most nutritious foods for thousands of years. All organic grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes (beans and peas) will sprout. The equipment required for sprouting is extremely minimal and inexpensive.
     All you need is a large mouth, glass quart jar and a screen covering of some sort. The easiest solution is assorted plastic lids that fit such jars. These lids are available in three different sieve sizes in most health food stores. You could also use cheesecloth or other types of screening materials for draining your seeds between soakings. The plastic lids, however, clean up easily and can be reused for years.
     The best sprouting book is entitled "Unbelievably Easy Sprouting" by Elizabeth Baker. She also has several other books and videos. Her "Uncook Book" and "Gourmet Uncook Book" contain a multitude of easy to make recipes for everything from soups, to main course meals, to desserts, and even snack foods. Pay particular attention to her suggestions for cleaning your seeds prior to sprouting.
     Clicking on the above title takes you to a more complete article on our web site. High-speed juicers create heat that can destroy some of the enzymes
and other nutrients in the foods being juiced. These juices should be consumed within minutes of making them or the nutrients begin to be lost very rapidly.
     One of the best juicers is the Champion Juicer.
     Less heat is produced and almost all the enzymes and nutrients are preserved. The juices made with these machines can be stored for up to three days in the refrigerator or even frozen for later use. Making extra juice and storing it is a real plus.
     No matter which juicer you have or decide to use always choose the freshest, most organically grown produce for making your juice. Scrub your produce thoroughly and rinse with pure, unchlorinated water. There are produce washes that you can purchase in health food stores and grocery stores that you can use for removing pesticide residues and other chemicals.
     To eliminate molds and other organic contaminants you can soak your produce for a few minutes in a solution of about one ounce of 3% hydrogen peroxide to about a pint of pure water. Rinse thoroughly after this soak.
Raw Foods
     Fresh organic salads and ethnic foods like sushi or sashimi (be very selective with your choices of raw meats of any type due to the possibility of parasites in unheated meats) are other ways of providing additional variety in your diet and still having foods with most of their enzymes and nutrients still intact and usable by your body.
Light Cooking
Stir-frying (high temperatures for short periods of time) with organic coconut oil, or slow cooking (low temperatures for longer times) are other ways to add variety to your diet and still preserve a significant amount of the nutrients in your foods.
Meal Substitutes
For most of us, having and taking the time to prepare meals can often become overwhelming. This is one of the primary reasons why fast food places flourish and why our society is becoming overtly obese and increasingly unhealthy. You can survive on such nutrient-depleted fare, but it will not allow you to remain vigorous and in optimal health.
     If you are too rushed to make a meal with your sprouts and/or juice or even a salad or stir-fry, try one of the following:
     SRB (Stabilized Rice Bran) powder contains an excellent ratio of proteins (amino acids), B vitamins and lots of other nutrients. This powder can be mixed with water or juice and other things to make a very nutritious drink. We have often used SRB very successfully for people who could only have a liquid diet.
     LifeSource powder or capsules. The International Journal of Alternative Therapies rated this product as the best all-around food supplement on the market today. LifeSource is excellent by itself or in combination with other things to provide you the nutrients and energy you need when you have to, or wish to, skip a meal.
     The third suggestion for a meal or between-meal snack is Doc Kelley's Protein Bar. All three of these are available through our office.

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