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March/April (Page Two)

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circuit boxes, or major power lines on the other side of the wall closest to your bed. And, obviously, your house should not be under or too near any major overhead power lines.
     The hazards from such long, close exposure to electromagnetic fields cannot be screened, altered, or repaired. Some of the reported hazards include increased incidents of cancers, especially in children, stress, fatigue, depression, mental disorders, eyestrain, short-term memory loss, heart problems, hormonal imbalances, and a host of other symptoms and conditions.
Testing for EMF Fields
     Magnetic fields are generally measured in milligauss. Most of the research in this field has been done by the Soviets. The safe levels of exposure that they recommend is 1,000 times less than the levels recommended here. To err on the side of caution you might wish to minimize your exposure to fields no stronger than 1 milligauss. For children, whose bodies have constantly multiplying and growing cells, this number should be closer to one half of a milligauss.
     The instrument I have used for years to check levels of electromagnetic radiation in offices, apartments, homes, or wherever I may be spending an extended period of time is called a Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter
     Interestingly, in one of the offices I had several years ago, I had located my personal office in a small room that had a nice view. For weeks after moving in, I noticed extreme fatigue and difficulty focusing and concentrating. After checking electromagnetic readings, the problem became very clear. The outer wall where I had located my desk was the location for all the wiring coming into that building. As an experiment I moved my desk to the far wall. There was a noticeable improvement in my ability to focus and concentrate, but the fatigue continued until I relocated my personal office and left that room for storage only. A lesson well learned.
Microwave Ovens
     Almost every American home has at least one microwave oven that is used for preparing meals. It would be simpler if you could be assured that there is an easy and safe way to use your microwave oven. If you follow the more stringent Soviet standards for safety, you would see to it that everyone is at least 12 feet away from an operating microwave. You would also be sure that the door was tightly closed when not in use and preferably it was unplugged.
     A good example of this occurred during one of my local classes when we were discussing this very topic. With my gauss meter in hand, I was demonstrating the levels of detectable radiation coming from a microwave oven located in the classroom we were using. The oven was off and the door was tightly closed. In all fairness it must be emphasized this was an older model of of a well-used microwave oven. My point was more than adequately proven to everyone in attendance when the meter continued to pick up readings as I backed away from the microwave beyond fifteen feet.
     If shielding was the only problem with microwave ovens, then warnings on how to improve their safety could stop here. The major problem with microwave ovens is much worse than the potential hazards of electromagnetic radiation. Microwave ovens change the molecular structure of whatever they are heating until it becomes extremely hazardous to your health. Briefly stated, microwaving produces carcinogens (cancer promoting substances), neurotoxins (poisons to the nervous system), nephrotoxins (poisons to the kidneys), and significant decreases in nutrients available from foods.
     Simply stated, you can shield them all you want, but if you have any interest in your and your loved ones’ health, you will dispose of your microwave oven and avoid any food or liquid prepared in one as often as possible. Restaurants use them a lot. Order things prepared fresh, baked, broiled, or steamed
Cell Phones
     By 2003 it is estimated that there will be more than 1 billion wireless phones in the United States. A study from Brooks Air Force Base published in 1999 “showed that ultrawide-band pulses can alter brain chemistry and also change behavior in mice. That study involved tissue energy levels about 100 times below the standard accepted thermal threshold and 1/20th the exposure to tissues in the head from use of a cell phone.”
     In a January 25th, 2002 article from The Economist Global Agenda, it was stated that the cell phone industry was facing growing concerns “about the effects of third-generation devices, which use higher frequencies and whose always on surfing and video-on-demand will encourage more constant use.” It then went on to mention a research report by the British government that concluded that “radiation from handsets might cause ‘subtle biological changes’.” The report further stated, “children are thought to be more at risk” and advised that “children limit mobile-phone use to essential calls only.”
     Right. You and I both know that if the children have them they are going to use them and as often as possible. And, if it is not good for the children just how much can be good for us.

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