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November/December 2000
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TNHP Newsletter
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Vol 1, No. 1 THNP News Nov/Dec., 2000
to the first of many, regular newsletters to come. The main purpose for these updates is to keep you current with what we are doing and planning. Also, with each issue, we shall cover useful topics and information related to your health and well-being.
Free Classes
     If you have not attended any of our Wellness Classes, mark your calendars for 6 to 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. We cover a broad range of topics from digestion, to dieting, to exercises, to stress reduction, to whatever interests the people in class the most.
     We have found some of the best classes have ventured far from what was planned yet applied more specifically to what needed to be covered that particular evening. This makes for a lot of fun, spontaneity, and sharing of extremely valuable information.
     The next class will be at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 13th. We meet upstairs in the Senior Center, just north of the Naterlin Center and just west and across the street from the new community center. Parking is available on the west and south sides of the Senior Center.
     When we complete our discussions of all the planned subjects, we will start over again. This insures you have access to the majority of information at times when it is most convenient for you.
     Also, for anyone who has a computer and uses the Internet, you can visit our web site and review a number of articles covering most of the information presented in class. Visit anytime and leave e-mail or questions. Doc does read his e-mail and, so far, has been able to answer all of them.
Soy Products
     In the last several classes we spent a lot of time discussing soy foods and products. This topic is becoming more heated as advertising increases the pressure on everyone to add more soy to his or her diet. Several years ago we would have agreed with all the media hype and suggested that you use soy.      During the last year, however, we have found more and more research that presents compelling
information about the negative effects of soy. You can find more information by reading The Whole Soy Story. Until this entire controversy is resolved to our satisfaction, we recommend you avoid soy foods, in any form, as a regular part of your diet. Fermented soy products, such as Miso, Tempeh, and tamari, may still be used as condiments, in very small quantities, as long as it is not daily. If you have any questions, or would like more information about this topic, please contact our office.
December Hours
     After not taking any vacation time for over a year, Doc is planning to attend a family reunion. He and his two youngest boys (at 21 and 24 they are hardly boys anymore) are leaving for South Carolina on December 15th. Doc will be in the office again for regular hours on Tuesday, December 26th.
     To complicate December's schedule further, within the last week, Doc Kelley has been invited to spend four days studying with a group of doctors in Pennsylvania. The featured speaker will be Doctor William Donald Kelley (no known relationship) who wrote the book One Answer to Cancer in 1969.
     As you may imagine, this was a most controversial book at the time of its publication and became one of the pioneer books describing natural health care methods. During the intervening years, Dr. William Kelley has successfully used nutritional and life style changes to assist tens of thousands of people regain their health naturally. Interestingly, many of the medical and political figures that vilified and
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