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September/October 2003 (Page Two)

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Multiple Vitamins & Minerals
    A good multiple vitamin and mineral formula is an excellent choice to insure that you are getting all the nutrients you need on a regular basis. Two of the best formulas are made by a company called Pure Essence Labs. One is their Life Essence formula. Most people take 2 to 4 a day. The other is their One 'n' Only formula. Generally, one is taken at breakfast or at lunch. Both of these multiples are tablets but are made to dissolve quickly and completely. If you would like to try a sample of either of these, let us know.
    Besides enzymes and a good multiple, I recommend two other supplements be taken on a regular basis. The first, minerals, are essential and are becoming more and more depleted in our soils. Even so, green vegetables are still a better source for minerals than what advertisers would have you believe. Freshly made vegetable juice containing at least an ounce or two of "green" juice is all you need for your daily minerals.

    MILK IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. It is nothing but marketing hype. The ratios of minerals in cow's milk are for the rapid growth of baby cows. It is not correct for humans of any age and especially not for adults. A molecule of cow's milk is almost one hundred times larger than a molecule of human milk. It is not surprising why so many children and adults have such frequent allergic reactions to milk and milk products.
What makes it even more difficult to digest and assimilate is the fact that all its enzymes are destroyed with pasteurization.

An interesting side note: Almost all of children's asthma problems and a great majority of adult asthma problems can be eliminated by removing simple sugars (sugar, white flour and anything made with them), milk, and milk products from their diets.

    If you can find unpasteurized, organic, raw milk and/or milk products, you may be able to use these in moderation with minimal negative effects. If you must use milk, a better option would be goat's milk. Molecules of goat's milk are about the same size as human's milk.

Another important side note: Soy milk and soy products, except for fermented soy products as condiments, should be avoided as stringently as cow's milk. The benefits of soy products are NOT what the marketing people would have you believe.

    Back to minerals. They are best absorbed in a liquid or ionized form. Pure Essence Labs has developed an ionic mineral formula. Their Ionic-Fizz multiple mineral formula is one of the most effective mineral formulas we have ever used. If you have problems, for example, with muscle aches or cramps, joint pains, or bone loss, this is a formula you should try. It comes in an effervescent powder form that dissolves in water. This is also an excellent way for children to take their minerals.

Vitamin C
    The last supplement I recommend regularly is vitamin C. It is not produced in our bodies and must be replaced on a daily basis. Most people have been convinced they can get all the vitamin C they need from fruit or fruit juices. Commercially made fruit juices are concentrated sugars that actually deplete your body of nutrients, especially B vitamins and minerals (also see the side note above about asthma). If you are consuming fresh, organic fruit and/or freshly made fruit juices, you are probably getting adequate vitamin C. If not, you may want to supplement some daily.

    The best vitamin C comes in powdered forms or capsules
and is made with Ester C (calcium ascorbate NOT ascorbic acid) combined with bioflavonoids like rutin, hesperidin, rose hips, etc.. This vitamin C complex is essential for your body's proper use of vitamin C. More than 500 mg. of vitamin C at a time is simply lost in your urine. Your daily requirement for vitamin C is unique to you. Generally, adults need 1,000 to 3,000 mg. per day. Take 500 mg. at meal times, between meals, and at bedtime to get your total daily requirement.

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