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We are dedicated to doing everything we can to assist you in reaching your goal of pain-free health and physical well-being. We will be working diligently to provide every opportunity for your body to heal itself as quickly as possible.

We want you to feel free to ask questions about procedures we use or remedies we recommend. Such open communication will insure that you thoroughly understand what we do and why. This will allow you to achieve faster, more effective and longer lasting results from your treatment program.

You may have noticed our motto: "We can help you improve your life!" For a better idea of what we mean by this, click here.

Depending on your problem(s) and the diagnosis of the cause(s), the doctor may need to use or recommend some or all of the procedures explained below.

To comply with chiropractic state board regulations, an explanation of "experimental" techniques must be provided to patients and "informed consent" obtained prior to such techniques being used.

"Experimental" techniques are defined as those not included in the curriculum of accredited chiropractic colleges. The following procedures are used at our facility. The words Experimental or Semi-Experimental appear in parentheses. Experimental refers to techniques listed as such by the chiropractic state board. Semi-Experimental refers to techniques not specifically on the list but which may be questioned. If neither word is listed after a procedure, it is currently "approved".

Dietary Recommendations (semi-experimental)
Individual dietary needs are determined after a nutritional history, examination, and any required laboratory work.
Nutritional Supplementation (experimental)
This may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, herbs, or combinations of these.
Craniosacral Manipulation (semi-experimental)
This is a gradual, totally painless method of assisting the proper movement of the structures of the skull, pelvis and central nervous system.
Joint Manipulation/Mobilization
These are techniques to assist improving muscle tone and ranges of motion by reducing restrictions in joint mobility.
Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) (semi-experimental)
This is an extremely gentle, unique method of connective tissue work to help correct and rebalance muscular, skeletal and related problems.
Soft Tissue Manipulation
Rapid and/or slow movement of parts of the body to assist in the release of adhesions (tight spots) and in the improvement of circulation and flexibility.
Includes heat or cold treatments, massage, or electrical devices. Home instructions are often provided.
Corrective Exercises (semi-experimental)
We use specific exercises and routines proven effective but not taught in schools.
Neuromuscular Re-Education (NMR) (semi-experimental)
Deep soft tissue work with active movements by the patient, combined with corrective exercises, to restore normal ranges of motion and muscle balance.
TLC (semi-experimental)
This untaught remedy is dispensed freely and whole-heartedly.

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