Soy and hypothyroidism

  1. 17 years ago

    I was told that people with an hypothyroidism condition, shouldn'd eat soy. Does the same go for tofu and Miso?


  2. Doc Kelley

    Jun 2002 Administrator

    Hi Alissa,

    The controversy over soy continues. Due to a significant number of negative reports concerning soy, I stopped recommending it to my patients, except in small amounts as fermented condiments such as tamari, tempeh, or miso. You can find much more information about soy at the website.

    If you have a serious hypothyroid condition, I would suggest you avoid soy. You may wish to have your hormone levels checked with a saliva test. There is almost always an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone with hypothyroid conditions. You can order the saliva tests online at ZRT labs is the same one we use at my office.

    An excess estrogen to progesterone ratio can be greatly improved with progesterone creams. One of the best of these types of creams is available from PureEssence Labs at 888-254-8000. They can either sell it to you directly or tell you the location of a health food store near you that would have it.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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