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    I feel I am in, or thought I was in great shape. I started having hot flushes and later angina. I excesize daily, or did, but it worries me. Where do I go from here. Suggestions for supplements, etc. Aslo where did I go wrong that got me to this point ? I don't want to conitnue that line !

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    Hi Jim,

    For me to answer your questions of "Where do I go from here" and "where did I go wrong that got me to this point" you will need to supply me with a great deal more information.

    Daily exercise is generally NOT recommended, nor attempted, except by individuals that may be pursuing some sport professionally. And, even professionals frequently take at least one day off, or more, every week for their bodies to recover.

    How old are you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What is your diet precisely like? What supplements and medications do you take? How much of each? How often? What exercises were you doing? How many repititions? How many sets? How much time between sets? etc., etc., etc.

    You could probably be helped best by someone who could get to know you and your situation very thoroughly. This would require your having a detailed history taken and examination done. Call 1-800-614-4400 and ask for the name and number of an Associate Enzyme Therapist close to where you live. After evaluation, they could help answer your questions and set up a program to keep you from continuing the wrong line.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  3. I just turned 49. My mother had a heart attack when she was in her 50s. My sister had a stint put in in her 50s. I on the other hand thought I was doing okay. I am 5'10'' and weigh 185. I don't smoke and quit drinking in 1991. My diet is fast food unfortunately. I ride my bycycle every day as a comute and also try to put in some extra riding time over the weekend. Just prior to the angina I was at the movies drinking some Mt Dew. I just started getting hot flushes and my heart started pounding and of course I thought I was having a heart attack. The next morning it hit me again. I went to the hospital thinkink it was a heart attack. I was given blood tests and x-rays. I was good. I was later that same day put on a tread mill stress test. My heart was in great shape. So perhaps by ateries are clogged or something. I had simular symptoms to these back in 1996. Got fully checked out and heart was great. Even wore a monitor for 24 hours. My chiropractor and I after a saliva test found that my adrenal glands were burned out. But this was the first time I had angina. Back in the mid 90s I was having trouble with it seemed like some kind of heart trouble as I felt I had to cough sometimes to get my heart to go. I was playing alot of basketball, daily in fact. After reading an Adelle Davis book I started taking a large amount of her recommeded dosages, mostly B vites, Pantothenic acid, etc. I did start feeling better. So perhaps that is when this stuff started kicking in. In general these days I do not take a regular set dosage of vitamins. It is intermittent. I do not eat a lot of fruit nor vegetables. I have done the juicer thing for a while but stopped that too. So that is it. I do want to ride again but am in fear of having a heart attack.

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    Hello Jim,

    Please have your chiropractor also check your thyroid function. A blood spot test from ZRT labs will greatly facilitate such testing. ZRT also does saliva testing. They can be reached at 503-466-2445.

    You should seriously consider getting off the fast foods and, especially, sugar and anything made with it. Also avoid artificial sweeteners. You can find a great deal of information on my web site. In particular, read the article on Things to Avoid and Things to Emphasize as well as the article on Food Additives and Artificial Sweeteners. Juicing, especially vegetable juices, and sprouting would be extremely beneficial dietary additions. Pay particular attention to the three "good" fats mentioned in the Things to Emphasize section.

    Your best forms of exercise at this time would be water aerobics, Tai Chi, Yoga, and walking. Any or all of these should be done well within your comfortable tolerance levels.

    Contacting an Associate Enzyme Therapist would be extremely helpful for designing a specific dietary, nutritional, and supplementation program for you. Call 800-614-4400 for the name and number of the nearest Associate.

    Please feel free to pursue further questions and directions via this forum, however, I will be out of town for the next week attending a seminar.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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