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    After many years of having recurrent ear infections, gromets, hearing tests I am now wearing hearing aids but I do feel the problem is more related to my eustation tubes as I suffer from every symptom that comes when they are blocked. My ears are always popping, high altitudes realy hurt, I always feel dizzy and sickly and my hearing comes and goes on a day to day occurence. The hearing aids only amplify the sounds and do not seem to help as I still struggle to hear what people are saying as the blocked ears muffle all sounds. I am interested in gromets again to see if they would relieve the problem and I have also just found out about 'replacement tubes' do they work like stents and whats the likelyhood of an ENT doctor recommending them? I am only 27 and feel I cannot go on my whole life like this.

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    Hello Lesley,

    Your problem sounds quite debilitating. I have included most of an article for your information. The reference for the article is listed at the end.

    Please read through this and consider my suggestions at the very end of this response.

    Glue ear (secretory otitis media)

    Glue ear is a condition in which fluid builds up behind the eardrum. It can interfere with hearing, although this is often temporary. Many cases get better without any treatment.

    To work properly, the middle ear (the part of the ear concerned with hearing) needs to be full of air. The Eustachian tubes connect each ear with the back of the throat and when they open they allow air to move into the middle ear.

    It is not unusual for people to develop colds and ear infections that result in their Eustachian tubes becoming infected. When this occurs the walls of the Eustachian tubes may stick together so the air in the middle ear cannot circulate. Mucus may then be produced, which can fill the middle ear cavity.

    The most common problem is hearing loss. Sometimes the hearing loss is mild, lasts only a few weeks and gets better by itself but it may go on for many months.

    About half of all bouts of glue ear will get better spontaneously within three months, so doctors are often reluctant to use any form of treatment unless the glue ear goes on for longer than this.

    Antibiotics appear to help in the short term but do not prevent glue ear from recurring. In the long term they do not appear to improve the outcome for glue ear. Many doctors now prefer not to prescribe antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.

    Autoinflation is a technique for trying to keep the Eustachian tubes working properly. A device called the Otovent (a plastic tube which can be attached to a small balloon) can make the Eustachian tubes open and by doing so may help to clear up glue ear.

    Sometimes surgery is necessary. A small cut is made in the eardrum and the 'glue' is drained out. A tiny tube called a grommet is placed in the hole to help keep air circulating in the middle ear and stop the 'glue' building up again. However, about half of those treated with grommets will need to have them reinserted within five years of the initial operation.


    Otitis media with effusion : Clinical Evidence, Dr. Gillian Rice, GP, BMJ Publishing Group, Issue 3, pages 248-254.

    I have found that vitamin C complex with bioflavonoids are quite helpful with any type of congestion of the sinuses or ears. Adequate daily intake of pure water is also essential. Enzyme therapy can also prove quite beneficial.

    To find the name and number of the nearest Enzyme Therapy Associate to you call 800-614-4400.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  3. I am a flight attendant and my doctor has grounded me twice for fluid in my eustation tubes in the past 2 months. Altitude changes are incredibly painful with this ailment and could rupture my eardrum. He is prescribing Entex and it helps a great deal. I also use Afrin right before descent and the change in pressure seems to force the afrin into my eustation tube helping to open it. (that stuff tastes horrid!!) Thank you for this article, it helps me understand this problem. Also, after reading all the posts on this site I have some other things to try.

    Keep Smiling

    Sky Pixie

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    Hello Sky Pixie (Great Name!),

    You are welcome. Hope you find relief with the suggestions.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  5. 12 years ago

    Hello, I have been using Flonase FOR THE FULLNESS IN MY EAR

    sometimes it helps,not always. I was told this fullness is due to the Eustation tube, by ENT DOCTOR. I HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM OVER 1 YEAR OFF AND ON.

    Is ther a better solution?


  6. Hi, Could you tell me why my one ear itchs,Iknow i have a EUSTATION PROBLEM,could this itch be related to the EUSTATION PROBLEM?

  7. Hello Frank,

    Please read through the rest of the messages and responses in this forum related to eustachian tube problems. You will likely find a number of suggestions that may be helpful to you.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  8. Hello Again Frank,

    Yes, your ear's itching could be related to your eustachian problem, especially if you feel the itch "deep" in your ear and not so much on the outside.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

    P.S. Please read the response to your previous posting.

  9. Why do I have a ringing, buzzing sound in my ear with infected Eustation tubes, and How can I relieve it!!!!! Thank You

  10. Doc Kelley

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    Hello Don,

    Please go to the following web site for one of the best explanations of your condition:

    This article also includes some suggestions for relief. You can also review the other posts on this Forum for quite a few alternatives that may be of some help to you.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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