81 year Female Diabetic

  1. 12 years ago

    Hello, Dr. Ivan Kelley / Webmaster:

    I'm looking for a Herbal Diabetic Specialist for my mother.

    She's insulin dependent--twice a day.

    Occasionally, her sugar level will drop to 40+. This would always be around 4:00 a.m. We would then have to quickly administer sugar & water to her.

    Just recently it dropped (for the first time) to 46 in the afternoon. This has never happened before.

    I live in the Caribbean. Is there a Diabetes Herbal Specialist you can recommend? This is an urgent request.

    If you do, I would llike a telephone number and E-Mail address.

    Thank you,

    Best Regards

  2. Doc Kelley

    Dec 2006 Administrator

    Hello Alfredo,

    Possibly, your best chance to find "a diabetes herbal specialist" might be to contact the following web site and see if they have a list of specialists close to you. I'm sure it would help them to know more precisely where you are in the Caribbean.


    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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