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  1. 11 years ago

    : hi

    i have ear infection all the time, had a ear opration to fix this i think surgery was for ottitis. i also get headache near that area. i noticed everytime i get a headache i get discharge, even little bit. whenever i clean the ear, even little bit discharge the headache seems to clear up.

    question is why is this, does the discharge go to area of the head/brain where headache comes and why does alittle bit discharge cause problem.


  2. Doc Kelley

    Jul 2008 Administrator

    Hello Bobby,

    The headache you are experiencing is probably from inflammation and swelling which can cause pressure and pain. The discharge you notice is likely the result of inflammation.

    Anything that reduces or relieves the discharge should relieve the pressure and headache.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  3. hi,

    do you know why i get the inflamation. what can i do to stop this because i tried ear drop that don't work.

    thanks for the reply.

  4. Doc Kelley

    Jul 2008 Administrator

    Hello again Bobby,

    It's impossible for me to know precisely why you get the inflammation. The primary causes, in my opinion, of middle ear problems, however, seem to be food allergies.

    Try eliminating all milk and milk products from your diet. Also, eliminate everything containing sugar, sugar substitutes, and/or flour. Be as faithful and as consistent as possible with these food restrictions for three months. Then, let me know if you are still having problems.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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