1. 11 years ago

    Hi Doc - How do you diagnose and treat allergies? Before my daughter and I go through the time and expense of allergy testing through skin and blood tests and then possible follow-up shots, we would like to consider vitamin supplements and some dietary changes. I think both of us suffer from outdoor allergens and dust. Thank you.

  2. Doc Kelley

    May 2009 Administrator

    Hello Sue,

    As you know there are many ways to test for and treat allergies. Skin and blood tests can become very expensive and time consuming. Treatments can also become quite burdensome.

    I prefer elimination diets for identifying food allergies. These diets cost nothing except determination and commitment. Information on exactly how to do them can be found by Googling "elimination diets for food allergies."

    For outdoor allergens and dust you may find consulting with a Naturopathic physician quite helpful. You should also consider calling 800-614-4400 and asking for the nearest enzyme therapy specialist. And, you might also want to try a product made by PureEssence Labs called AllerFree.

    This formula can be found in most Health food stores.

    If you have not found significant relief with these "home remedies" within a month or so, your allergies may require the time and expense of skin and/or blood tests.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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