blocked eustation tubes

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  2. 11 years ago

    Doc Kelley

    May 2008 Administrator

    Hello Jane,

    First question. Was your cavity filled with mercury amalgam? If you don't know for sure, call your dentist and ask.

    As to the Nose Popper, I have no personal experience with it, but think it may have a guarantee. Might be worth trying.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  3. Thank you so much, Doc, for you fast response! You must know how much this is appreciated.

    This cavity was filled with tooth-colored material. I do have some old 'silver' mercury fillings in other teeth. This tooth used to have a mercury filling, but I had it changed years ago. This new cavity, which turned out to be two as another current filling in that same tooth was broken, required a big dose of anesthesia. I almost fainted. The actual ear trouble started a week or so later. I have had tinnitus since I was young, but now that the tube is closing, the volume of the ringing has tripled in that ear and that is what bothers me considerably now that the other symptoms have calmed down. The ENT specialist was rather unsympathetic. There is also some tenderness in the jaw near the ear.

    Thank you again for any suggestions.


  4. Doc Kelley

    May 2008 Administrator

    Hi Jane,

    Would suggest you still ask your dentist what type of material was used for the filling.

    Were antibiotics prescribed before or after the filling? Also, is there swelling in your jaw near your ear? And, do you feel as if your sinuses are congested?

    Doc Kelley

  5. Hello again.

    I will ask about the filling. What do you think may be in the amalgam? I was more suspicious of the injection, although I have had a lot of dental work already in my life. The dentist was rather rough pushing my jaw this time.

    After blood tests revealed no infection, I was given antibiotics & a cortisone injection 3 weeks after the dental work. Sinuses were congested, no frontal drainage, and remained that way along with the blocked ear. Allergy inflammation was the assumption. Some 10 days later, the ENT physician put me on oral & nasal steroids. I have allergies (numerous treatments), and sinus congestion often. Yet, I have never had blocked tubes, & certainly not for a good month. There is some soreness at the TMJ.

    Do you think acupuncture or a particular massage therapy would help?

    Thank you again for your attention. Already it has helped.


  6. Doc Kelley

    May 2008 Administrator

    Hi Jane,

    The amalgam may contain mercury, high levels of nickel or other metals. Google "Hal Huggins." He's a dentist with lots of info about amalgams and their effects.

    Consider possible candida overgrowth. Pure Essence Labs makes a product called Candex to eliminate excess candida and another product called FlorAlive to restore normal levels of Probiotics. You can usually find these in most health food stores. If not, Google them and give them a call.

    Acupuncture is always worth a try. The best type of massage therapy for your symptoms would be MLD (Maunual Lymphatic Drainage). You can also Google this to see if you have a practitioner in your area.

    Doc Kelley

  7. I have had blocked eustation tubes for 20 years. Hearing comes and goes all the time.

    ENT's have put little tubes in my ears 6 times. They clogged by the time I get home.

    The only thing that has helped is the allergy med. Allegra. That helps most of the time. This spring my ears have really clogged and my primary care doctor gave me a shot of depomedrol (80mg or cc's or what ever the mesurment was). My ears were cleared within 10 hours and with the Allegra stayed that way for quite a while. It was heaven.

    Will have to get another shot this next visit. Also take an over the counter sinus pill (WalMart Brand) as soon as I feel the hearing start to go. That helps keep the ears clear too. Take the Allegra in the morning and the OTC sinus med in the afternoon. So far so good. Hope this helps someone, cause it isn't fun to have the ears clogged.

  8. Over the years I have been given all sorts of nasal sprays such as Nasacort(spelling??) Flonase, even over the counter saline nasal spray. All these do is to increase the stuffiness in the ears. Finally my ENT said that they just drive the fluid back up into the eustation tubes and causes the problem to worsen. The fluid in my eustation tubes when they inserted drainage tubes was like cottage cheese and not a running fluid.

    I have been tested for allergies and nothing shows up strong enough to cause the problem. I was a smoker, but haven't smoked for 3 years and it stayed the same for a while. My ENT was very honest and said that there was probably not a connection between the smoking and the blocking. First time I ever heard a doctor say that stopping smoking was not the answer to all the problems.

    But am glad that I haven't smoked in 3 years.

    Even though I didn't show positive for allergies, the Allegra has helped so much. My primary care doctor said that Zertec, or the new one that is out might help. But Clariton didn't help me at all.

    So, don't rule out some sort of allergy connection even though the doctors might say it isn't involved and you don't test positive on allergy tests.

    Hope this helps someone.

  9. Just another thing that I have had pretty good luck with is the saline nasal spray.

    The last time I saw my ENT he suggested that I try using the saline spray about 3 times a day. But he said not to sniff it up the nose, but sort of tilt my head backwards and gently spray it in the nose that way it won't go up in the eustation tubes and cause further clogging.

    Since I live in a pretty dry, hot climate and run the a/c and ceiling fans a lot, I have noticed that this year using the spray has really helped.

    Right now I am having great luck with the ears clog free. And I can hear!!! Maybe at last all of the things I have written about are working. Sure hope so. Good Luck to you all.

  10. did anyone ever use the earpopper that was discussed in may of 08. My 7 yr old has terrible pain from her Eustaition tubes and the doc gave no cure or remedy for her. she is miserable after swimming in the pool and Airplanes are a nightmare.

  11. I went to the doctor yesterday because I get sporadic sharp pains in my ears and I pop my ears all the time to hear a bit better. I also had multiple earaches as a child. He prescribed Avamys, a corticosteroid, because he said my nasal passages were inflamed. Here's hoping it works...

  12. 10 years ago

    Thought I'd add another thing on here.

    My son lost his taste and smelling ability. It would come and go. He would open a bottle of garlic and try smelling it to see if things were going ok. No smell, no taste of food.

    He saw a couple of doctor's and they didn't know why. Just one of those things.

    So, since I had such good luck with my ears with using Allegra, even though I don't show allergies on the skin tests. I suggested he ask to try that.

    Great news!! As long as he takes the Allegra daily, he has recovered his taste and sence of smell. He is happy.

    It is weird that allergies have played such a part of our lives nowadays. I haven't had to have the tubes put back in my ears nor had the clogged ears since I have continued to take the Allegra on a daily basis.

    Even though I haven't responded positive to the allergy tests, the Allegra has really been a wonderful thing to me.

    Thanks for listening. Hope it helps someone.

  13. Doc Kelley

    Apr 2009 Administrator

    Hello Barb,

    Thanks for your and your son's experiences with Allegra.

    To be fair, I must also suggest you, and anyone else interested in Allegra, take a look at the information contained at the following web site:

    This includes all the side effects and contraindications for Allegra.

    Everyone should be aware of all benefits and risks before deciding to use any medication.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  14. Hello Doc Kelley,

    Thank you for the info you supplied on Allegra. I did go to the site and checked it out. Also read the info that comes with the prescription each time I order it as a refresher. We all forget things at times.

    I would rather not have to take any pills, however, I have had tubes put in each ear 6 times in the last 20 years. That is 6 in each ear! Still the clogging and at times infection continued.

    Even with the tubes in place, I still couldn't hear and had numerous hearing screenings. I stopped taking classes because I couldn't hear. I couldn't hear emergency vehicles until they were almost on top of me. And I stopped interacting with others because I hated to say "What? My ears are clogged and I didn't hear you!" It got on their nerves as much as it did mine.

    So, after trying all sorts of other things, including the ear popping thing and the docs saying "Just learn to live with it", my primary care suggested Allegra.

    It was heaven sent. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and take meds you would rather not in order to live a life.

    Again, thank you for caring enough to provide the info. Thank you for being there to help remind all of us that we need to make ourselves aware of what we put in our boddies.


  15. Periods of severe stabbing pain in right ear. Saw GP doc. He treated me for sinus infections with nose spray and anti biotic. Took care of the sinus infection. Ear pain still present.

  16. 9 years ago

    Barb...I just read your email from 4/09.I have similiar symptoms.I live in Denver. Whenever I go to the mountains, upon returning, my hearing feels stuffed up,like I'm in a sound-proof room.Some days it's better than other days.I do notice that sometimes when I run, my mucous is liquid & I constantly blow it onto the ground.I don't mean to gross you out, I do, however, experience a sudden clearing at times then in one ear or the other whereby the world is suddenly opened & everything heard is amplified.That lasts about a minute or less & then plugs back up.It wasn't until 2 days ago I happened to think of a possible blocking of my eustation tubes.

    Since April 09, how has Allegra worked for you? I am very interested to "hear" back from you.

    Thanks very much!


  17. Hi John, I have been taking Allegra now for a couple of years. I take one 60 mg tablet a day, every day, clog or not. There are times of the year that I get a little clogged in the ears, but nothing like I did before taking Allegra. and it passes in a day or two

    As you probably read in my other posts, I have had tubes put in my ears numerous time. Each time they were clogged within hours. My ENT told me once that I would need to come in every day and have the stuff suctioned out, which he wouldn't and I couldn't do.

    I have been tested and tested for allergies, I believe I have some that are below the surface sort of speak, but nothing that jumps right out so the docs can say this is one!! I do have a significant hearing loss I think from all the clogged times as well as scar tissue on the ear drum from the tubes being put in so many times. Haven't gotten hearing aids though because I started on Allegra.

    Also, my son is still taking the Allegra. It has been about a year now. He can smell now and taste food all the time. He went through numerous tests even seeing a neurologist who couldn't find anything wrong and suggested an allergy pill to see if it would help.

    I am not happy to have to take another pill all the tilme, but it sure is better than feeling like your head is stuffed with cotton and you are in your own bubble and can't participate in life because you can't hear anything but your own voice and heart beat. Believe it or not, but my primary care doc thought of the Allegra the ENT said he didn't know what to do for me. Hope this helps. I have been surprised how many of us suffer from clogging of the eustation tubes. Thought it was just me.

  18. Hello Joan D.

    A couple of years ago you said you would try the Ear Popper. Did you ever try it and if so, did it work for you?

    I have Otitis Media with Effusion and I think the Ear Popper would help me. Neither of my ENT's has mentioned it and one just wants me to get a BAHA hearing aid and not bother treating the cause of the hearing loss.


    Richard L.

  19. Doc Kelley

    Jul 2010 Administrator

    Hello Richard,

    I hope you hear from Joan, but if you do not and you try the Ear Popper, please let me know your thoughts on its effectiveness.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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