Medical Marijuana?

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, glaucoma, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain green queen . Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don't even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Doc Kelley

    May 2017 Administrator

    Hello Sheyt,

    In my opinion, marijuana is one of the most useful plants/herbs in the world. Its medicinal qualities are beyond question. To confirm this, do an Internet search of U. S. patents for various ingredients of the marijuana plant. You'll be astounded at how many you find and even more amazed to notice almost all are owned by pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. government (through various organizations). Those patents would not exist if the owners of them didn't have conclusive evidence (or, at the very least, extreme confidence) in marijuana's ability to work medicinally. The old adage, "Follow the Money" definitely applies when it comes to marijuana.

    Continue your Internet searches. There is a phenomenal amount of information available. Explore whatever marijuana topics interest you most. It's always nice to find a natural alternative to prescriptive meds.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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