Protein and weight lifting

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    For years I've been taught that I need to eat as much as a gram of protein per pound of body weight per day if I wanted to gain muscle weight, and though I never reached this extent (too much money and work), I did see my main growth during the couple months of drinking protein drinks (GNC). I'm now learning that it's potentially bad for your body to intake that much protein, am relatively new to juicing and am working on changing my diet. What kind of diet do you recommend for someone who is working out to gain both strength and stamina?

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    Doc Kelley

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    Hello Dan,

    Unless you are trying to compete regularly as a body builder or weight lifter, I would NOT recommend such extremely high levels of protein intake and especially NOT from protein drinks containing soy or whey products.

    To optimize gaining both strength and stamina, you simply need to consume a widely varied diet including organically raised meats, eggs, fish, and produce, especially vegetables. You will need healthy carbs and these are best obtained from sprouted grain breads.

    For both strength and stamina, you should look into kettlebells for your exercise and training. You will find information, articles, books, videos, and CDs at Kettlebells are the simplest, least expensive, most effective types of exercise apparatus you will ever find.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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    Have you tried having some chiropractor North York to look after your health when doing lifts? It can be dangerous and harmful to your bones and joints.

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