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    What are the effects of hydroxyls or hydroxyl radicals on our bodies and other things in our home? Some of the latest technologies in home air purification use uv-c light and water vapor to create a hydroxyl radical reaction. The result is hydro peroxides, super oxide ions, passive negative ions, hydroxides and ozonide ions. They do a very good job of telling us how these hydroxyls react with contaminants in our home, but for some reason or another do not discuss how they react with our bodies and other things in our home like metalic plumbing fixtures, metalic surfaces of furnature and metalic components of our electronic devices. I say this because these hydroxyls are said to be highly oxidative and corrosion is essentially oxidation. Finally, they assure us that there is no need to worry about hydroxyl molecules accumulating because of their very short life span since they react with a contaminant very quickly. What happens when most or all the contaminants are eliminated? Could these hydroxyls build up? and what if they do?

  2. Doc Kelley

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    Hello Allen,

    The hydroxyl radicals you are referring to are produced when one of the oxygen atoms from a molecule of ozone (O3) combines with a hydrogen atom (H) in the air to form the hydroxyl radical (OH). The remaining O2 is simply oxygen. As long as the ozone generator is producing small amounts of ozone there is no health problem that I know of.

    Likewise, I know of no documented, abnormal corrosive effects from very low levels of ozone or the levels of hydroxyl radicals produced by these types of air cleaners.

    Much higher levels of ozone and hydroxly radicals have been used for many years to clean and decontaminate the air in farming, industrial, and boating applications. None of these have noted excessive corrosive problems.

    We have used and recommended these types of air cleaners for years. The best ionic type that requires no filters is the Ionic Breeze made by Sharper Image. One of the best ozone/hydroxyl radical types is the Biozone. These and many other types of air cleaners can be easily found by a quick search on the Internet.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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