Cold toes

  1. 15 years ago

    Hi, I am 29. I am heavy (260) but healthy. I jog 45 minutes 6 days a week and alternate weights upper and lower body 3days of each. I have a good healthy diet, I eat about 4-6 small meals mostly vegitables and turkey or chicken. I have noticed that my feet especially my toes are extreemly cold. Even with socks and shoes. The rest of my body feels fine a little cold occasionally. My blood pressure is normal and my resting pulse is about 76 beats per/min. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, and cancer runs in my family. I however am currently healthy.

  2. Doc Kelley

    Jan 2005 Administrator

    Hi Lori,

    Two of the problems that "run in your family" could be involved with your "cold toes." Please ask your physician to order blood tests to check you for sugar handling problems and, especially, insulin resistance. A six hour glucose tolerance test would help to rule out hypoglycemia and other types of sugar metabolism problems.

    If everything is OK with your sugar and insulin levels, request a thorough thyroid evaluation (TSH, T3, T4, etc.) including a thyroid antibody study.

    Then, if everything is also fine with your thyroid, send me another message and I can give you other suggestions for improving the efficiency of your exercise program and your dietary choices.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  3. 14 years ago


    I started to notice that my toes (only) got so cold that they hurt, I'd say a few months ago even wearing socks and shoes. Also I noticed that my left knee is very sore on the inside of the leg. I thought maybe it was arthritis because it feels like it is stiff when I bend it. A massage therapist said it was muscular. I started worrying because my circulation has always been great. (I didin't know if the cold toes was connected to the knee problem) Its true, my exercise has gone down due to my work schedule but I've never experienced this. A doctor I talked to (my GP) said it was Raynaud's phenomena. I've had Lyme Disease (in 1992) for 9 yrs, and Epstein-barr in the past. Are these autoimmune diseases the cause? Am I seriously ill? My GP isn't alarmed, but what if she's missing something serious by not running the right tests? (she's a new doctor for me) My blood pressure is 110/70 (sometimes 80) my pulse, in the 60's. A blood test I had from my OB/GYN said I had a low white cell count. Is that serious?

  4. Doc Kelley

    Dec 2005 Administrator

    Hello Helena,

    Somehow my automatic notification missed your message.

    If you are still experiencing any of these problems and still have some of these questions, let's see if we can help:

    1. Are auto-immune diseases the cause of your painful, cold toes. Probably not. If Raynaud's is the correct diagnosis, that could certainly be the answer.

    2. Are you seriously ill? Again, probably not. First, I would suggest you pursue working regularly with your massage therapist and exercising more regularly to see if these help relieve or totally remedy your problem. If your problem persists, you should seek answers from a vascular specialist and, if no success, a neurologist.

    3. Is a low white cell count serious? How low? Unless it is very low or continues to drop, it may simply be a brief and temporary response of your immune system to something.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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