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  1. 14 years ago

    hi, I've decided to embark on a total detox but I don't know where to start - I want to cover everything ie colon, liver & gallbladder, kidneys and to maintain a detoxifying lifestyle afterwards. I reckon I need to go slowly as I probably have a lot of accumulated toxins (I smoke and drink regularly and although my diets ok its not what it should be) I've had problems with acne, melasma and IBS in the past as well as general lethargy and depression. Have you any advice on what I should do and which products I should use??

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  2. Doc Kelley

    Jun 2005 Administrator

    Hello Mel,

    Congratulations on your decision to detox. It is especially important for regular smokers. You should notice definite improvements in all of the problems you listed.

    Your best approach to embarking on a total detox would be to contact an Enzyme Therapy Associate for a complete evaluation of your current health status and needs. You can find the name and number of the nearest one to you by calling 800-614-4400. This health care practitioner can help you determine precisely what you need to best achieve optimal health.

    If you decide to proceed on your own, I frequently recommend a Vitamin C flush to many of my nutrition patients. A special type of buffered, mineralized vitamin C is used in a designated way to "flush" your digestive tract and determine your specific needs for daily vitamin C.

    You can learn the specific protocols for this flush at . Also, at that site is a link for the only type of vitamin C powder we recommend for the C flush - Perque C.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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