Govt Banning Our Supplements

  1. 19 years ago

    Hi natural health I love your site and just linked it to mine. I'm hoping that you can put information about CODEX on your webpage. The FDA has been trying to put vitamins in the category of

    a drug, making it only available by prescription for over a decade now.

    There are new developments about this that will be of dire interest to

    you on

    and on

    I'm not surprised that this hasn't been written about, hopefully I am

    meeting a brave writer who will inform everyone that their health freedom is

    being secretely stripped away.

    I am surprised that the subject of harminization and World Trade isnt'

    written about. This is the reasoning behind the erosion of our democracy.

    Links about this is on


    If CODEX rules are imposed, this will mean the end of holistic &

    alternative medicine indirectly. Once that happens, we can loose organic

    farming, and everything.

    Please get back to me on this. If I change my address, you can reach me


    Sincerely, Hope Tiktin

  2. Doc Kelley

    Mar 2001 Administrator

    Thank you for your interest in my web site.

    I am in full agreement that we have to all remain constantly vigilant when it comes to what our government and the rest of the governments around the world are doing with our freedoms of choice, especially where natural health and organic products are concerned.

    Besides your web site and Gary Null's there are others that have newsletters and sites that address this escalating and pervasive problem. Dr. Jonathon Wright in Washington state has an excellent newsletter that frequently updates his subscribers. There are extremely active and effective lobbying groups working for natural medicine organizations with this issue at the top of their priority list.

    Keep up the good work.

    Doc Kelley

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