1. 14 years ago

    Oh my does this hurt!! Iwas in the hospital a few times with chest pains not knowing what could possibly be causing them.Later that week I was having a routine checkup with my back doctor when he suggested it could be in fact costochondritis. I also have pains in my back area around the shoulderblade that penatrates to my chest. Ive had stress tests earlier that came back OK. Other than just having atrial ablations performed to correct A-FIB and back surgury in 2002 I find that for a 45 year old cold and damp weather is going to cause much pain for my remaining years on earth. Is there any advise for me or has anyone else suffered from this??

  2. Doc Kelley

    Jan 2006 Administrator

    Hello Donald,

    Is your back doctor a chiropractor? If not, you should consider contacting one for an examination and evaluation. Chiropractic manipulative therapy and electrophysiotherapy can be very beneficial.

    To find the best chiropractor, call several licensed massage therapists. When you begin hearing the same name repeated several times, that is the one you want to see.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

    P. S. Massage therapy and acupuncture can also be very helpful for the symptoms you describe. And, do not overlook natural, nutritional anti-inflammatories such as vitamins A, C-complex, E, and B-complex, as well as the essential fatty acids.

  3. I've suffered from

    chronic costo for 3 years now. My doctor gave me an ultrasound for gallbladder, and then

    an MRI. Everything was negative, except for a fatty liver diagnosis. All he did was

    prescribe painkillers, which really did very little when I was having an attack. My attacks

    usually happened when I was standing and then twisted around at a certain angle. It

    usually put me off my feet for hours after that. I haven't been able to do sit-ups for years,

    for fear of pain. I can barely do housework.

    So, I am now pain free, and I thought I'd share what I did in case anyone is interested.

    I'm not a big herb taker or health food nut. Never have been. When the Dr said that I'd

    just have to live with this, I thought, no way, my life will be over. I ended up on a website

    called , which is alternative medicine. I plunged into a complete body detox.

    I did a liver cleanse first, which involves epsom salt and olive oil. Then I got some safe

    parasite cleanses from Colonix. I also started a colon cleanse with this stuff called

    oxypowder. Believe me, I am very careful about what I put in my body, so all this stuff is

    pretty benign (no strange chinese herbs, etc). Then, to top it off I started getting hydro

    colon therapy. I started all this two months ago. Within one month my pain is gone, and

    has not recurred at all. The funny side effect to all this is that I lost 35 pounds in two

    months (which I really needed to do).

    I also gave up coffee for green tea (which does contain some caffeine) and surprisingly I

    don't miss coffee at all. Believe me, I LOVED coffee.

    Then last but not least, I take ginger caps for pain, and tumeric caps (the spice in curry)

    for inflammation. I honestly believe that inflammation is KEY in costo (well, obviously).

    I think that alot of costo cases come from chronic inflammation, stress and your internal

    organs crying out for help. That is for the chronic cases.

    Make use your doctor gets you an ultrasound for your gall bladder. This is important. But

    please, do not consider surgery until you look at all the alternatives.

    If my costo was from stress, I have to tell you that detoxing your body really does give you

    a great deal of calm. I feel half my age. So I don't know if my organs were making the

    situation worse, or if by working on my organs, I alleviated stress. I don't care either, but I

    am totally, completely pain free. Some other things did happen too, weight loss, eyes

    became white and clear, complexion is fantastic, arthritis in knee is gone, lower back pain

    is gone, allergies are gone, black circles under my eyes are almost gone. I also

    discovered, much to my great surprise and delight, that I was harboring quite a few

    parasites. Yuck, I know, but I'm glad they are somewhere else now, not in me. Also, my

    husband started doing this and he popped at least one Tagamet a day for heartburn. He

    has not taken one tab for a month and a half. He also had bad breath, for years, and it's

    completely gone (thank goodness).

    Check out the following:

    Dr. Natura for Colonix - read the testimonials

    Dr. Hulda Clark at for details on the liver flush - all natural, don't need to

    buy a thing

    search for oxy-powder - colon cleanse

    If you are interested in Hydro Colon Therapy (this was a rush completely) you can find info

    on the curezone, or just look up in a search engine

    You can easily get tumeric and ginger at any grocery store that sells vitamins

    I had to come back and share with you all. Thanks for listening!

  4. 11 years ago

    Hello, I just read your testimony it is very encouraging. I was diagnosed with costo about a month ago and the pain is excruciating and constant. I have done one liver flush and two colonics. I had relief for the day that I cleansed but I woke up the next day and I had pain again. What I would like to know is, it has been a while since you cleansed your body are you still pain free? I hope to hear back from you. Again thanks for shareing your experience :)

  5. 10 years ago

    I wanna try you what you did with cleansing. i have had costro for 6 months and i am tired of medication and now i am going the natural way. please email me with all the steps you took.

    I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

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