"ulnar nerve"

  1. 18 years ago

    A friend of mine is having problems w/ an ulnar nerve. The only relief he gets is when pressure is applied to a lump that he calls a "stinger" that is located on the top of the shoulder blade just below the shoulder. He uses uses a velcro wrap around his arm that is used for tennis elbow to relieve some of the pain. Is this the only relief of treatment?

  2. Doc Kelley

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    Sorry this took so long for a reply but we've been having problems having mail forwarded.

    No, what he has been trying is not the only relief. If you look on my website under "Articles" then "Protocols" then "Epicondylitis" you will find some suggestions.

    From your description I would suspect that the "stinger" is a trigger point within the rotator cuff muscles. Massage therapy could prove extremely beneficial.

    Chiropractic adjustments of the neck, upper back, and arm will also help.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have recently received a sample of a product called a WristWand. This is an aluminum rod about 10 inches long and about an inch and a quarter in diameter with cushioned pads at either end. It comes with instructions for doing an exercise that helps strech and strengthen the muscles and tendons of the hands, wrists, forearms, and shoulders. I have been so pleased with the results we have seen with our massage therapists, front desk people, and patients that I now stock and sell these in the office. Go to their web site and order one. It helps as much as anything we have ever used for wrist, forearm, and shoulder problems: http://www.wristwand.com

    Best of health,

    Doc Kelley

    P. S. Send me a progress update sometime.

  3. Thank you for your suggestions & I will definitely let you know the progress:}

  4. Doc Kelley

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    You are welcome.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Doc Kelley

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