The credibility of Dr. Mendell's work

  1. 19 years ago

    What information can you give me about Dr. Mindell's credibility. Do you agree with his medical/herbal diagnosis?

  2. Doc Kelley

    Jan 2001 Administrator

    Hi Deb,

    Dr. Earl Mindell has been writing books about nutrition, vitamins, and minerals forever. He has made tons of very good and usable natural health care information readily available and easily understandable.

    As to his medical/herbal diagnosis, I am not real sure about what you are asking. Are you referring to a particular problem for which he has recommended certain herbs?

  3. I guess I just wanted to know if you agree with what he writes in his books. I have just signed on with a company called Health Voyage and Dr. Mindell is the author of the subscription letter on the internet.

    I guess, since I trust your advice, I wanted reassurance from you that he is credible.


  4. Doc Kelley

    Jan 2001 Administrator

    I am supportive of the majority of Dr. Mindell's work. My only concern is that he leans more towards using vitamins and minerals like prescriptive medication. This tendency to treat symptoms, rather than finding the underlying cause that created the symptoms and treating those, is becoming increasely common in natural health care.

    Overall, you can not go wrong with the bulk of the things you will learn with a Dr. Mindell subscription. You may also want to attend our classes (2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month). Lots to learn and at no cost.

  5. Thank you very much for your help and advice.

  6. Doc Kelley

    Jan 2001 Administrator

    You are welcome, and feel free to ask anything at any time.

    If I do not see you before, you and your family have a marvelous holiday season.


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