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    15 Oct 2017, 1:12pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in Eustacian Tube Dysfunction.

    Hello Jasmine1020,

    Yes, very gentle and safe adjustments could help with your ear problems. Also, please ask your chiropractor to check your jaws. Problems there, as well as in some areas of your spine, can also be involved with ear problems.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  2. 3 months ago
    12 Jul 2017, 10:49pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    Hello Lewis,

    With a "Keto diet;" 50 - 60 pounds to lose; 30 - 45 minutes of swimming 3 - 4 times per week; and gluten-free/dairy-free dietary options, your husband could very well have a false smell of alcohol breath from the extra ketones being produced from this regimen.

    If you need more scientific proof and wish to consult a doctor, my only suggestion would be to make sure the doctor you see is familiar with the concept of "false smell of alcohol breath" and is not biased against its validity.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  3. 4 months ago
    20 May 2017, 3:37pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in Medical Marijuana?.

    Hello Sheyt,

    In my opinion, marijuana is one of the most useful plants/herbs in the world. Its medicinal qualities are beyond question. To confirm this, do an Internet search of U. S. patents for various ingredients of the marijuana plant. You'll be astounded at how many you find and even more amazed to notice almost all are owned by pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. government (through various organizations). Those patents would not exist if the owners of them didn't have conclusive evidence (or, at the very least, extreme confidence) in marijuana's ability to work medicinally. The old adage, "Follow the Money" definitely applies when it comes to marijuana.

    Continue your Internet searches. There is a phenomenal amount of information available. Explore whatever marijuana topics interest you most. It's always nice to find a natural alternative to prescriptive meds.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  4. 6 months ago
    5 Apr 2017, 11:32pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    You are more than welcome.

    Best of Health.

  5. 5 Apr 2017, 9:45pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    Hello kstew,

    Have your boyfriend read the article recommended for Tgagler in the Feb 22 post on this Forum. It should more than answer your and his questions. In short, your "problems with digestion, liver function and with sugar" could certainly make you a candidate for this condition.

  6. 23 Mar 2017, 3:00pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in GDF 11 Supplement?.

    You are quite young for a diagnosis of Leukoaraiosis. I would strongly recommend contacting Dr. Daniel Amen ( ) for a review of you and your records.
    Unfortunately, I lack the expertise to adequately respond to your questions about obtaining GDF11 from a living fetus or from a child's blood.

  7. 7 months ago
    22 Feb 2017, 5:34am GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    Hello Tgagler,

    Your Mom could be pre-diabetic or have an overgrowth of fermentation-producing bacteria in her intestinal tract.
    Please check this article:
    This attorney tests clients in the office.

  8. last year
    18 Jun 2016, 1:50pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    Hello Robert,

    If the person produces excess alcohol in their intestinal tract from their foods, they could potentially test positive for alcohol in their system.

  9. 18 Jun 2016, 1:41pm GMT+0000
    Doc Kelley posted in ADD and anxiety.

    Hello Bee,

    According to Dr. Amen who has done over 100,000 SPECT brain imaging exams, there are 7 types of ADD. Please review his information at this link:

  10. 29 May 2016, 3:46pm GMT+0000

    Natural weight loss that lasts generally requires some life-style modifications combining consistent dietary changes with consistent increases in physical activity.

    Please check my web site for numerous dietary ( ) and exercise ( ) recommendations.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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