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    23 Mar 2017, 4:00pm GMT+0100
    Doc Kelley posted in GDF 11 Supplement?.

    You are quite young for a diagnosis of Leukoaraiosis. I would strongly recommend contacting Dr. Daniel Amen ( ) for a review of you and your records.
    Unfortunately, I lack the expertise to adequately respond to your questions about obtaining GDF11 from a living fetus or from a child's blood.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    22 Feb 2017, 6:34am GMT+0100
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    Hello Tgagler,

    Your Mom could be pre-diabetic or have an overgrowth of fermentation-producing bacteria in her intestinal tract.
    Please check this article:
    This attorney tests clients in the office.

  3. 9 months ago
    18 Jun 2016, 3:50pm GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in False smell of alcohol breath.

    Hello Robert,

    If the person produces excess alcohol in their intestinal tract from their foods, they could potentially test positive for alcohol in their system.

  4. 18 Jun 2016, 3:41pm GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in ADD and anxiety.

    Hello Bee,

    According to Dr. Amen who has done over 100,000 SPECT brain imaging exams, there are 7 types of ADD. Please review his information at this link:

  5. 29 May 2016, 5:46pm GMT+0200

    Natural weight loss that lasts generally requires some life-style modifications combining consistent dietary changes with consistent increases in physical activity.

    Please check my web site for numerous dietary ( ) and exercise ( ) recommendations.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  6. 29 May 2016, 5:39pm GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in predizone.

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry so late to respond but just saw your post.

    Your white spots may be a form of vitiligo. Try some of the remedies on this web site: .

  7. 26 May 2016, 12:18am GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in 'Blocked ears' and tinnitus.

    Hello Kenneth,

    Your questions and concerns certainly hit close to home. I've experienced tinnitus for decades since service-related damage created the problem. This is only one cause. There are many others. If possible, finding the cause of your tinnitus will help determine what, if anything, can be done to lessen or eliminate it. I require hearing ads for extreme hearing loss with a setting for a "masking" sound to help reduce the tinnitus.

    The following link is to an article on the National Organization of Rare Disorders web site. It contains a great deal of valuable information as well as a number of resources to further your research.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  8. 2 years ago
    29 Sep 2014, 4:47am GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in GDF 11 Supplement?.

    Thanks for the update Justin.

  9. 5 Aug 2014, 4:14pm GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in GDF 11 Supplement?.

    Hello pkapoor,

    You are welcome.

    I am not aware of any human trials or registrations for human trials of GDF 11 or BMP 11 at this time. If you discover anything, please post it here.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

  10. 1 Aug 2014, 4:39am GMT+0200
    Doc Kelley posted in Clicking in Eustachian Tubes.

    Hello Pete,

    Really appreciate the specificity and detail.

    The results of a study of five monkeys in 1983 with bilateral excision of the Levator veli palantini muscles demonstrated "...the operational biomechanics of the eustachian tubes are independent of the integrity of the Levator veli palatini muscles, and the Tensor veli palantini muscles (tense the soft palate prior to elevation - my note) are the only paratubal muscles responsible for normal active opening of the eustachian tubes."

    I have several suggestions for you:

    1. Since you are in France, consider contacting Michael J. Nixon-Livy. He is the founder of Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) and is located in France. You may also wish to consider other NST practitioners in France: . NST also includes extensive work with the temperomandibular joint (TMJ). These joints can be a significant contributor to a number of your symptoms.

    2. Having mentioned the TMJ joints, you may need to consult with a dentist who specializes in TMJ dysfunctions.

    3. Another extremely effective technique for any problems within the skull is CranioSacral Therapy (CST), especially the work founded by Dr. John Upledger. Dr. Upledger's web site is at . It appears there are 54 CST practitioners in France: .

    4. One last recommendation. If the above fail, try Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Their web site is . This very simple technique can be self-administered and provide amazing results for problems unresolved with other techniques.

    Best of Health,

    Doc Kelley

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