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Articles about nutrition, diet, exercise, meditation and more.
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The Natural Health Place is dedicated to helping you find ways to optimally improve your health. Our goal is to become your first choice for any and all questions or concerns you may have relative to your, or your loved ones, health and well-being. (More)

Our real world clinic is located in Newport, Oregon. You'll find more information about our services and fees as well as an online map and directions to our clinic here. Nothing to see here, move along

In this section you'll find our free online database of health and nutritional information. You'll find articles about diet, enzymes, exercise, diseases, nutrition, meditation and much more. (More)

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This is where you go to find out more about our great and powerful Chief Enjoyment Officer. (More)
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Use the Q and A forum to ask questions about anything health related. All questions will be answered by Dr. Ivan Kelley, MA, DC. (More)
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Go here to read online issues of Dr. Kelley's newsletters. You can also subscribe to receive email updates whenever a new issue is published. (More)
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More About Us

The preventive health care program at THNP is a constantly evolving culmination of almost thirty years of clinical experience with patients of all ages and in all conditions, from death-bed-ridden individuals to elite, world-class athletes. Through all these years it has been very satisfying to be present while thousands of people found the answers they needed, when they needed them.

Based upon our years of experience, you may expect to begin seeing improvements with your health care problems within days to weeks. More permanent results require at least three months of consistent life style changes. Serious problems that have existed for years may require six to eighteen months, or even more, for optimal recovery.

At all times you can expect us to do our best to honor our motto, "We can help you improve your life." It may not be possible to have all the answers for everyone, but, in the rare instance when we do not have a particular solution for you, we will do our best to help you find someone who does.

Even your bottom can be naturally healthy
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